Chemist 900

Emissions Industrial Analyzer

Chemist 900

The Chemist 900 industrial analyser can measure and store  values of gaseous emissions during the operation of industrial machinery and  it can also calculate combustion efficiency.

Chemist Smart Analysis available on Google play store.

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  • Industrial gas and diesel motors
  • Marine motors
  • Cogeneration groups
  • Industrial Gas Turbines
  • Industrial Burners
  • Emissions measurement of combustion gases post-treatment 
  • Industrial glass, ceramic and cement furnaces
  • Furnaces for thermal treatment of metal
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical process industry
  • Industrial analysis laboratories
  • Biogas factories from vegetable and animal waste
  • Official emissions measurements compliant to applicable regulations
  • Motori industriali a gas e diesel 



  • Measurement of up to 12 gaseous emissions simultaneously.
  • 9  gases measured with individual sensors: electrochemical, pellistor, NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infra Red), FLEX series, identical to those used used in the hand held Chemist 500 analysers.
  • Pre-calibrated FLEX-type gas measurement sensors which can be replaced in the field by the user.
  • 3   gases (CO, CO2 e CH4) measured simultaneously with NDIR bench and dedicated anti dust filter. The NDIR bench ensures maximum measurement accuracy for the 3 gases, because there is no interference from other gases, as is the case with other electrochemical cells.
  • Gases measured: O2, CO, CO/H2, CO2,  NO, NO2, SO2, H2S, CxHy.
  • Fuel already in the memory: methane, LPG, butane, propane, propane-air mixtures, diesel, fuel oil, wood, wood chip, pellets, biogas, coal.
  • Additional 16 fuels can be added provided the physical chemical characteristics are known.
  • Vacuum pump for gas samples, dilution pump to extend the measurement field / CO cell protection.
  • Auto-zero cycle for gas and pressure sensors even with sampling probe already inserted in the chimney.
  • Flue gas,  combustion air, external air and other auxiliary temperatures measurement.
  • Positive,  negative and differential pressure measurement.
  • High accuracy and resolution draught measurement with external  accessory.
  • Gas pipes  tightness test  with fittings accessory.
  • Combustion analysis in automatic and manual modes.
  • Data logger function.
  • Gas sampling probes  in various materials and lengths.
  • Gas sampling probe with heated head and hose to avoid   condensation.
  • Special  sampling probe for internal combustion engines.
  • Mechanical water trap or Peltier effect cooler anti-condensation system
  • Double anti-dust filter
  • Automatic condensation evacuation system with peristaltic pump.
  • Data memory for up to 16,000 complete analyses.
  • Type-B USB output for PC connection.
  • Smart Flue Software for data storage and management.
  • Bluetooth connectivity up to 100 m  (in open field).
  • Operation with mains power 100… 240 V AC.
  • Operation with internal rechargeable lithium ion battery power (not for heated line flue gas probe ).
  • Robust metal housing with optional transportation trolley.


Passive Type: sensors with different tip lengths and fittings, made of from different materials, with flexible tube connection to the central unit in various lengths. On page 9 you will find a complete list of available models.

Active Type: gas sampling sensor with heated head and flexible tube. This characteristic is in order to avoid water vapour condensation reaching the central unit thus affecting measurements of gases easily soluble in water, such as NO2 and SO2.
The active sensor maintains the gas sample at a higher temperature than the dew point and keeps it stable as far as the cooling system: this is a fast type, cyclone with Peltier cell. The water vapour condenses so quickly that the NO2 and SO2 gases do not have time to dissolve in water.

230V or Battery powered Thermostat

Small Dimensions - Innovative Design

Large LCD
Power supply: 2 x 1,5V Type AAA batteries - TAD 02B   or   230V TAD 02M

3 regulation modes: Comfort, Economy, Off/Antifreeze

Remote sensor is optional

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