CHEMIST 200/300 - Firmware e Software Updates


Instructions for upgrading the firmware of Chemist combustion analyser:

1. Download Flash_V5 program from here: Download

2. Download latest firmware version from here: Download

3. Download instructions from here:  Download

4. Copy application packages in a proper directory and unzip the files if needed

5. Launch the file Setup.exe

6. Make sure that the settings are as in the instruction sheet.

7. Wait until the programming is completed and the following verification as well.

Download Firmware

Download Flash_V5



This management software gives access to most of the operating parameters for the flue gas analyzer:

  • Set the measurement units for the acquired values (CO, NO, NOx, Temperature and Pressure)
  • Modify the operators names and the ticket header
  • Modify / add / delete names and reference parameters for each fuel type
  • Choose the parameter type for the alarm and the relevant alarm threshold value
  • Modify all further instrument options (autozero, analysis type, printing mode etc.)

Installing the software “Chemist”:

  1. Download SoftwarePC program from here: Download
  2. Copy application packages in a proper directory and unzip the files if needed
  3. Launch the Program with file seitron.exe

Download SoftwarePC

230V or Battery powered Thermostat

Small Dimensions - Innovative Design

Large LCD
Power supply: 2 x 1,5V Type AAA batteries - TAD 02B   or   230V TAD 02M

3 regulation modes: Comfort, Economy, Off/Antifreeze

Remote sensor is optional

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