CHEMIST 100 BE GREEN - Firmware

Information on how to update the firmware:

Since the firmware update could imply a different organization of the data stored in the instrument memory, maintaining the existing analysis data in the instrument is not guaranteed. 

It is always mandatory to make the transfer of the analysis before the firmware update procedure.


  •     Save the package in a proper directory and unzip the files.
  •     Uncompressed the files
  •     Connect Analyzer to the PC via the USB cable
  •     Hold down the three red buttons on the analyzer for at least 10 seconds (as image above)
  •     Release only the ON/OFF button
  •     The analyzer will be recognized by the operating system as a portable device drive
  •     Release all the buttons
  •     Copy the firmware file (.srec extension) to the directory of the analyzer
  •     Wait till the end of the file copy operation
  •     The file copy directory will be closed and the analyzer will switch to charging mode
  •     The analyzer is now updated, it can be turned ON and it can be unplugged from the PC

Firmware 1.20 Download last version (Int. version) -  in accordance with UNI 11137:2019 for VI and VII species plants


PC SOFTWARE - Easy2Print v1.00

  • Easy2Print V1.00 for Windows, allows to set the receipt header
  • It is a simple executable and does not require installation on a PC

Download last software version (compatible with 1.05 FW ver. and higter).



Chemist QR Code read, memorize and share the informations in the QR code generated on your chemist 100 be gree display.
It's possible to share the analysis memorized in the APP trought email in the following format: CVS, PDF and text.


230V or Battery powered Thermostat

Small Dimensions - Innovative Design

Large LCD
Power supply: 2 x 1,5V Type AAA batteries - TAD 02B   or   230V TAD 02M

3 regulation modes: Comfort, Economy, Off/Antifreeze

Remote sensor is optional

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