So2 analyser with 4 sensors (O2, CO/H2, NO, SO2) kit

analyzer with 4 sensors (O2, CO/H2, NO, SO2)


  • 4 sensors (O2, CO2, NO, SO2)
  • Integrated printer 
  • With dilution pump for CO 
  • Suitable for tightness test UNI 7129/11137 

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• Compliant with EN 50379-1, EN 50379-2 and UNI 10389-1 standards
• CO measurement cell with 1 ppm resolution and built in NOX/SOX filter
Precalibrated gas sensors, user replaceable
• Flue gas and outdoor air temperature measurement
• Draft and differential pressure measurement
• Boiler efficiency calculation
• Automatic detection of condensing boiler with efficiency calculation (>100% sul P.C.I.) in compliant with UNI 10389-1
• CO2, heat stack loss, excess air calculation
• Ambient CO measurement
Gas pipe tightness test in compliant with UNI 7129 e UNI 11137
• High accuracy (± 0.5 Pa) draft measurement in compliant with UNI 10845
• 3 consecutive analysis with average calculation and result printout
• Thermal printer with paper load open/close type and no paper sensor
• Internal memory for 900 analysis
• Big colour (54 x 96 mm) graphic TFT backlit with zoom feature
• Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries
• Wall Mount battery charger type with USB connector type A 5V 2A
• Recharging time: 6 hrs. up to 90%
• Up to 12 hrs. autonomy of continuous operation (no printouts)
• Up to 60/70 analysis autonomy (with printouts)
• Additional dilution pump for CO cell auto range, measurement up to 100.000 ppm
• Automatic Autozero with sampling probe in the stack
• USB connection type B to connect PC and battery charger
Bluetooth communication
• Self diagnostic function with alarms on gas sensors end-of-life
180mm flue gas sensor probe
• External condensation trap and dust filter
• 12 preprogrammed fuels, including pellets, wood and biogas
• 32 additional programmable fuels
• 10 different preprogrammed languages
EVA holster
• PC software and video manual on USB pendrive
• User manual and calibration certificate
• Dimensions H323 x W100 x D68 mm, weight 950 g.

Calibration certificate

Chemist Analysers are supplied with calibration certificate, 1 year validity in compliant with UNI 10389-1.
Customer may buy calibration certificates for each following year.

Code   CER015             Price   € 210


Maintenance contracts

At the end of the initial 2-years warranty you can sign a contract for “Full service” annual maintenance. By paying
the annual fee the customer gets all scheduled maintenance and extraordinary maintenance which may be required.
All shipping costs are included.
Accessories, such as probes for smoke, subject to mechanical wear and tear, are not covered by the contract.
The contract provides the customer a perfect efficiency of the instrument, including the replacement of exhausted
cells and calibration certificate.

Code   CON011             Price   € 470


Warranty extension

Chemist Analysers offer 2 years warranty, including gas measurement cells which can be easily replaced by the user.
With initial extra price it is possible to lengthen warranty term for 2 years, up to maximum of 4 years.

Code   CON008             Price   € 250

230V or Battery powered Thermostat

Small Dimensions - Innovative Design

Large LCD
Power supply: 2 x 1,5V Type AAA batteries - TAD 02B   or   230V TAD 02M

3 regulation modes: Comfort, Economy, Off/Antifreeze

Remote sensor is optional

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