CASPER - Firmware & Software updates


1. Copy the 'FW Updater' application package in a proper directory and unzip the files if needed.

2. Launch the file 'FW Updater.exe' and answer the questions according to your needs until the installation ends.
   This step will also automatically copy the following files:
   into the directory:
   C:\Windows\Inf  (in case it doesn't exist the installation creates it)

   and the file:
   into the directory:

   These driver files are needed for the correct operation of the Analyzer
   once connected to the PC.

3. Double click on the icon 'FW Updater' that you find on the desktop in order to execute the application.

4. Connect the instrument to an available USB port on the PC. It will automatically turn on.

5. The instrument will be recognized and the installation procedure for the 'usbser.sys' driver will be initiated. The 'usbser.sys' driver is a driver which comes with the Operating System and is used to communicate with a serial-like profile (COM) over a USB port.
   Answer 'Install the software automatically' to the question.
   Answer 'Continue' to the question about the 'Windows Logo' test not passed.
   After the system has completed the device driver installation a message will appear to explain that the new hardware is ready to use.
   This step is needed only the first time you connect an instrument to a PC.
   In case you have already installed the PC SW for the Analyzer Management, this driver will be hopefully already installed.
   In this case just skip this step.

6. Select the file containing the new Firmware (through 'Browse'), then press 'Start Program' (STEP 4).

7. Another driver will be installed (atm6124.sys).
    Please follow the same steps as in point e. to proceed with the installation.
    Also this step is needed only the first time you connect an instrument to a PC.

8. After the previous step is completed the application will automatically search for the correct communication port and will start the programming.
    Wait until the programming is completed and the following verification as well.

Download Firmware
Download FW Updater




This is the software used to allow the instrument to be linked to a PC for the following operations:

- Configuration of the instrument general parameters through the PC
- Setting of the fuels parameters
- Setting of the ticket data
- Download of the analysis from the instrument into the PC
- Saving of the analysis on a file in several formats





SmartComb Mobile allows you to interact with your Seitron SPA combustion analyzer through the Bluetooth® communication protocol (SPP profile).

Pair your analyzer with the smartphone/tablet via Bluetooth® and:
• display remote data
• remotely save an analysis on the instrument
• create a report (pdf or csv format) and send it by email to your control center for immediate consultation.

Note: SmartComb Mobile is compatible with Casper 200 - 300 and Chemist 400 analyzers equipped with the Bluetooth® interface and which have been producted since 17/10/2013.

Download da Google Play

230V or Battery powered Thermostat

Small Dimensions - Innovative Design

Large LCD
Power supply: 2 x 1,5V Type AAA batteries - TAD 02B   or   230V TAD 02M

3 regulation modes: Comfort, Economy, Off/Antifreeze

Remote sensor is optional

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